Freelance Web Guy


I am a freelancer who can do any web programming/development task. We'll almost any :). I have more than a decade of web-focused experience and a high level of expertise in the field. I am also very resourceful, creative and dependable. I love code and how a little bit of it here and there makes a big difference in the long run. I am very passionate about my work and would love to work with you on your next project soon.

Although I can work on any project, I am primarily focused on collaborating with design agencies and talent brokers that need to sub-contract their website programming and updating needs.


  1. General website programming
    PHP, MySQL, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, HTML5
  2. Wordpress development
    Installation, conversion of PSD/design to template, feature development, plugin installation, conversion of existing site to Wordpress
  3. Website management
    Website content management, social media updates, newsletter management, regular content updating, regular website backups
  4. E-detailing
    General iPad/Android apps and presentations, ebrochures for sales agents and realtors viewable on the iPad and Android tablets, e-detail apps for med reps, mini games and interactive presentations for learning, entertainment and business.
  5. Sub-contracting
    Web programming for design agencies or talent brokers without developers in their team, updating of your client's website and pretty much any task that's included in my list of services